great developed city of Vancouver is Canada's beautiful nightlife and party events

Canada is known for sport activities and group travels with friends and family. The Winter Olympic Games 2010 were such a great show and people travelling around the globe to participate in this event. After the games, Canada made its status to be one of the favorite places to visit with family and friends. The city of Vancouver offers a lot of cultural attractions, shopping locations and party events.

Travel Canada

Beautiful Travel Destinations in Canada

Canada offers many beautiful travel locations and is the 2nd largest country in the world. As a part of North America, Canada is famous for natural wonders and fantastic tourist spots worth visiting.

Vancouver Canada – Things to Know About Vancouver

Vancouver will be known as the Olympic city in the next month. Vancouver was announced officially in the year 1880s as a place with natural port. Travel Canada and visit the city of Vancouver.

Best Holiday Spots In Montreal

Montreal is one of the top tourist attractions in Canada. Perhaps, large number of tourists visit the city of international reputation on a regular basis to treasure some of the memorable moments of their lives.

Popular Travel Places to Visit in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the popular tourist destinations with numerous places to visit and enjoy at any time of the year. Beautiful landscape and travel destinations to British Columbia, Canada.

Canada Travel Guide: Calgary’s Famous Tourist Spots

Calgary is the largest city within the Candian state of Alberta, situated at the east side of British Columbia with its capital city of Vancouver.

Travel Canada: Why Windsor in Canada is so Famous

Windsor is the industrial city of Canada which is situated in the southern side of Canadian Detroit River. Windsor is also linked to the US city through a bridge and a tunnel.

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