exotic nights in India's metropole with dance music and Indian culture

Party Travels to the famous Goa dance festival and spiritual events in India are celebrated every year. Cultural highlights and the Indian way of life make India a very special travel location with family and friends. Goa’s party scene attracts Indian music artists similar to international DJs. All are fascinated by the spiritual atmosphere of the Goa festival.

Tourist Travels

Taj Mahal – Sojourn to the Land of Mughals

Taj Mahal has been an epitome of love and great architecture for time immemorial. With its unbound grace and elegance, it has decorated the city of Agra for many centuries.

Discover Delhi and visit famous tourist attractions

Delhi is India’s National capital region and millions of tourists travel each year to many famous places in Delhi.

Most Visited Tourist Places in Mumbai

Bombay or Mumbai (renaming), is the most busiest city in modern India and offers many great travel destinations for tourists and party tours.

Mumbai Tourism Guide: Exploring the Taj Mahal Palace

The Taj Mahal Palace within the Apollo Blunder area, near the Gateway of India is a historical landmark not only for luxury travelers who stay in the luxury hotels around the world.

Visit Jaipur: Famous Indian Tourist Spots

Jaipur is a beautiful Indian travel destination and tourists visit Jaipur to view the variety of ancient monuments and Palaces of this famous city in India travel tour guide.

Travel India – The Pink City of Jaipur

Must Visit City in India Jaipur – The Pink City. Top 5 Travel Destinations in Jaipur, India and most popular destinations to Jaipur’s attractions, prehistoric palaces and fortresses.

Spend your holiday in the beautiful Pearl City of Hyderabad

Hyderabad is rightly said as the city of smiles and lights. Popular among numerous people, the city has to offer a variety of destinations for its tourists.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, also known as the ‘Pearl City of India’ is one of the culturally rich states in the country.

Top Places to visit in Punjab

Punjab in the north of India, with its natural travel spots is one of the famous destinations in India worth visiting when travelling to India.

Discover The Beauty of Ajanta Caves In Mumbai

Ajanta caves in Maharashtra is India’s best artistic endeavour which has many other attractive destinations nearby.

Sacred places at Amritsar

As India’s city of tradition and culture, Amritsar and the Golden Temple of Harmandir Sahib are need to bee seen by tourists and visitors worldwide.

Himalayan Holiday – An Exotic Combination Of Myriad Adventures

There’s nothing more enticing than an adventurous holiday to the Himalayas. The surreal landscapes, beautiful valleys, and endless hilltops on a party travel tour.

Goa – The Fun Place for Tourism that is the Perfect in Any Season

One of the finest places on the West Coast of India is Goa, famous for many attraction for tourists and party travel fun celebrated by people from all over the world at these places.

Top Tourist Places Near Calangute Beach

Calangute beach is well connected to all places in and around it that will enable you to visit other tourist places near Calangute beach that are rich in mesmerizing natural beauty.

Indian Scotland – A Quick Guide to Coorg Tourism

Here are ways to make your holiday in Coorg really special with Coorg holiday tour packages. Book one of the Coorg packages get ready for a wonderful vacation.

Hill Stations In Karnataka

Spending some time in the warmth of South India is something what tourists always look forward to. However, it will be a pleasant surprise in case you experience chilly conditions for sure.

Finding transcendence of bliss in Pune this holiday

Going on a trip to Pune anytime soon and want something unique? You would definitely want to read this before you catch one of those Delhi to Pune flights.

Indian Cuisine

Best Restaurants to Dine in Goa

Enjoy your trip with tourism in Goa that enables you to explore its sunny beaches along with its delicious cuisine. There are plenty of Goan restaurants that are on high agenda of those who love authentic Goan gourmet food that is flavored in a contemporary style.

Mumbai Tourism: You Can Enjoy Delicious Food and Spend Little Money

Being a cosmopolitan city, Mumbai is home to different people from other parts of India and the world with access to delicious restaurants serving Indian food.


Top Beach Party Destinations in Goa

The beautiful beaches as well as its nightlife made Goa the party capital of India.

Best Places to go for a Rave Party in Goa

Whenever somebody says Goa goose bumps sprout up all over my body. Beaches, forts, churches, gothic cathedrals, waterfalls, lakes, casinos, cruises, wildlife parks- I mean can it get any better?

Ganesh Chaturthi Festival – Ganesh Utsav

One of the most famous and most popular festival is GANESH CHATURTHI, also known by the name – GANESH UTSAV. On this day, the son of LORD SHIVA and GODDESS PARVATI, i.e. GOD GANESHA was born.

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