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Innovation in the service of Travel

The players in the tourism industry still do more to improve the experience of travelers. To do this, they use new technologies to develop new services to improve the customer journey. What types of new technologies the tourism players are investing and why? RFID / NFC, Beacons, connected objects, big data, 3D Printing, Mobile Payment, augmented reality, the ... Continue Reading →
View from an overwater bungalow

Tahiti – A Traveler’s Paradise

Tahiti, a magnificent island in French Polynesia formed from volcanic activity a long time ago, today offers infinity of both beautiful natural sights and man-made sources of fun. All of this made it one of the most popular travel destinations in the whole world. There are many reasons why everyone should visit this divine destination and here you can find only ... Continue Reading →

4 Tips to Choose the Right Raja Ampat Liveaboard Diving Service Provider

Raja Ampat islands, an islandic region in Indonesia that is world-wide famous for its sheer oceanic beauty and a wonderful underwater life. Thousands of tourists from across the world come here to experience the nature at its best. Apart from the wonderful beauty Raja Ampat islands behold, this place is also famous as among one of the best diving locations in ... Continue Reading →
Angthong marine park

Experience Koh Samui

When visiting Thailand, you simply must come to Bangkok first and spend a few days there. However, in order to fully experience Thailand for what it really has to offer, it is important that you explore some of the islands as well, as they hold more mysterious beauty and a chance to enjoy hidden secrets. The Island of Koh Samui The island holds many interesting ... Continue Reading →
Raja Ampat Livaboard Diving

Raja Ampat Livaboard Diving – Top 6 Diving Sites You Can Visit

Raja Ampat islands in the Indonesian region are truly among the best diving sites across the globe that offer exceptional marine sights. These islands carry with themselves a massive biological diversity and offer tourists with some of the most thrilling and fun diving excursions. The marine landscape of Raja Ampat islands offers sightings of some of the rarest ... Continue Reading →
The Maldives

Honeymoon The Top 5 Dream Destinations

Looking for the ideal destination for an unforgettable honeymoon and make a beautiful honeymoon? You want to get away a few days and enjoy beautiful landscapes (long beaches of white sand, coconut palms, crystal clear waters…) and live your love romance? Take inspiration from this list to select a dream destination and enjoy an extraordinary honeymoon: Continue Reading →
Creux Du Van

Top Travel Destinations in Switzerland

Switzerland is a beautiful country that exists in the continent of Europe on its western side. It is considered to be one of the closest destinations to nature. It is evergreen and all the buildings and monuments are positioned in a way so as to retain the true beauty of nature. To reveal the beauty of this heavenly place many people from across the world visits ... Continue Reading →

Hill Stations In Karnataka

Spending some time in the warmth of South India is something what tourists always look forward to. However, it will be a pleasant surprise in case you experience chilly conditions for sure. There are certain locations such as the hill stations in Karnataka that will leave you in utter amazement for sure. Venturing into such locations with your friends and family ... Continue Reading →
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