Istanbul has beautiful mosques like the Blue Mosque - Travel Istanbul

Travelling to Turkey will bring you to the famous city of Istanbul. This city where generations of legends travelled into the oriental world and famous stories of the past, present and future journey to beautiful places of Turkey.

Istanbul, Historic capital of Turkey

Travel Turkey: Exotic Beaches of Turkey

Turkey has spectacular colorful beaches with turquoise water and excellent white sand. These intriguing beaches in Turkey is neither well known for the Ottoman Empire nor a scrumptious kebab but for water and white sandholding up to welcome the sightseers who go there

Istanbul – A Land of Historical Places!

Visit Istanbul and its famous locations to see history in front of your eyes in Turkey

Travel Turkey – Beautiful Places to Visit

Turkey is a wonderful tourist destination with exotic mix of culture and entertainment. The tourist gets mesmerizing experiences with its heritage and natural atmosphere

Turkish Travel Destinations: Places to enjoy in Konya – Heritages of the Mosques

Tourists are welcome to the unique city of Konya with its large destination and open arms. Tradition and history of the city is well connected with likeness of people

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