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If you are a guest blogger or party travel writer and interested to write for our community blog, then you are absolutely welcome here!

Why do you want to write for us?

This question is quickly answered by the following good reasons to do so:

  • Brandnew opportunity to publish the first 100 post of our rapidly growing party travel blog
  • Your author bio is allowed to contain 1 backlink to your blog
  • By writing and publishing on our travel blog you will gain trusted author rank and online reputation
  • Your travel article will stay on the blog forever

Yes I want to write, what’s next?

Great! Sustainable decision, well done. Please use the Contact Form to send me an email and I will feedback quickly.


Travel, Festival and Event Article submission

You are very welcome to join our travel community and submit guest posts frequently as one of our authors and contributors of the website.

For this, please quickly register an user account using this link.

We are happy about every writer joining our community. So chat-up and drop us an email, we will respond asap to get in contact with you nicely 🙂

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